“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

My name is Elaine. I live in New York City and have worked in Information Technology Management for the past 15+ years, more recently in Education. I really enjoy what I do and plan to continue on that path. I love reading and the minimum I can read without going nuts is a book or two a month (nothing crazy but I need it). I feel like I need new knowledge in my brain and when I don’t get it, a part of me starts to fade away so reading and studying keeps me going. In the past few years, I have shifted towards doing more spiritual reading and practices that are making me feel more relaxed and present and centered. I want to share my personal experiences with you and everything that, I believe, has made me a better individual.

In general, you may think that belonging to a minority group can make things difficult for you in life, well…I belong to multiple minority groups and society has tried to put me into so many different boxes that it is hard to keep track at this point. I will share ways I’ve discovered to get myself out of those boxes and demonstrate that there are no other limits other than the ones we impose on ourselves. I am a female, Latina, lesbian, who works in the male-dominated IT world, and enjoys life with no children (not by choice), but I enjoy it nonetheless.

My goal is to inspire others (anyone, really) to know that it can be better; but nothing comes to you while you sleep, you need to cultivate new practices and be proactive about your goals. You also need to learn how to change the way you react to whatever is happening around you… You are in control of your life and I am proof of that. I hope to share tools that I’ve used and I believe can help you to create each day a better version of yourself. I also want to write a book and I know this blog can help me get me started.

Listen, If I moved to the US at the age of 16 and spoke no English and today have a super fancy IT Executive Title (CIO), multiple business and technology certifications, 2 Associate Degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree, and a Master’s, then you have no excuses…Let’s do this!

Moving onto the more fun side of me… my hobbies include traveling, photography, dancing, spending time with my family, and being outdoors and close to nature. I believe I have a lot to offer and I want to bring you on this new journey with me.

Get ready!